The Internal audit of the accounts for the parish council has been completed with no issues raised. Below is a summary of the parish accounts for the financial year. It is required under the transparency code to make this information public and available to all parishoners. Should any member of the parish wish to view the full accounts please do not hesitate to contact the clerk at accounts have now been submitted for external audit to BDO. As at 30th September we are awaiting the Notice of Conclusion.

Balances brought forward £112,384

Annual Precept £3,931

Total Other Receipts £7,213

Staff Costs £1,881

All Other Payments £13,276

Balances Carried Forward £108,371

Total Fixed Assets £54,591


Itemised Spending from Parish Councilcs Cash Book 2016/17 (whole pounds)

Receipts £

Allotment Rents      468

Defib Donations 1,100

Donations     300

Funding from Reserves 3,000

Interest 32

MSDC Grant 236

Precept Grant 13

Precept 3,931

Transparency Fund 21

VAS Donations 1,229

VAT Recovered 814


Payments £

Allotments 365

Audit 66

Bin Emptying 90

Buxhall Broadcast 250

Car Park 1,221

Clerks Salary 1,511

Electricity 102

Expenses: Stationery, Post etc 312

Grass Cutting Playingfield 1,111

Hall Hire 150

Hedge Maintenance 363


Insurance 338

Misc 3,924

Playingfield 383

SALC 169

Subscriptions 35

Training 130

Reserves Transfer 3,000

VAT Recovered 1,267

Total Payments 15,157


Annual Returns – End of Year Accounts, Annual Governance Statement & Internal Audit Report

Annual Internal Audit Report 2016/17

Accounting Statements 2016/17

Annual Governance Statement 2016/17

Payments of £100 or more paid in 2016/17 


Finance Report 2015/2016

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Financial Reports 2013/2014


List of Councillors List of Councillors

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Complaints Procedure 

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Code of Conduct 2014 Suffolk Code of Conduct



A register of interests must be filled in by each councillor. They must include their own pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests and must also include the pecuniary interests of their spouse/parner with whom they live. Please contact the clerk for further information. Councillors Register of Interests Forms