Parish Council

Buxhall Parish Council is an elected body which reflects local views and functions as the first tier of government for the parish of Buxhall. The Parish Council is committed to working together with the residents of Buxhall for the benefit of the parish.

Our next meeting of full Council will be January 15th 2018 commencing at 7.30pm in the village hall. The agenda will be available to view on line and on the village notice board on January 9th 2018.  It would be great to enjoy a mince pie and coffee with you after the meeting to discuss your requirements and wishes for the future of the village.

The Full Council meets regulary in Buxhall Village Hall with meetings comencing at 7.30pm. The dates for future meetings are:

March 12th 2018 and

April 16th 2018

Planning meetings take place as required and details will be posted on line and advertised on the Village Hall notice board with seven days notice.

Parish Councils can: give views on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish; undertake projects that benefit local residents; work in partnership with others to benefit the parish; advise relevant authorities of problems or action that is needed; and help the other tiers of local government to engage with, and understand their local communities.

Members of the public are invited to attend each meeting and time is set aside for public participation so that Buxhall residents have an opportunity to speak to The Council on any matter relating to the village. This opportunity is given at the beginning of each meeting so if you raise or comment on a topic which is on the agenda for that meeting, Councillors will be able to take account of your views when that subject is discussed.

If you speak on a matter which is not on the current meeting agenda, your topic will not be discussed at that council meeting, but the Council will consider including it at a future meeting.

You can also raise suggestions, comments and matters of concern at any time with one of your Councillors or the Clerk. Councillor Contact details In this way, they can act as your voice on the council and ensure that your views are made known.

District Councillor John Matthissen and County Councillor Penny Otton attend meetings regularly and a member of the Mid Suffolk South Safer Neighbourhood Team also regularly attend meetings or send a written report.