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Your Village Needs You!

NOBODY cares more about your community than you and your local council do! Its residents, roads, services, airspace, countryside and developments

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Thursday MAY 7 2015 – YOUR Village Needs you

There are currently 7 seats on the Parish Council for Buxhall.

Could one of them be yours?

Are you over 18?

Do you live within three miles of Buxhall or work here?

Are you interested in helping to improve the quality of life of your community?

Do you want to be involved in making important decisions in your community?

Anyone interested in standing can put their name forward. Call MSDC Electoral Services on 01449 724672 or contact Buxhall Parish Clerk for details.

Paula Gladwell, Tel: 01284 828112 email buxhallpc@live.co.uk