Housing Needs Survey

Sometime ago now all households were asked to complete a Housing Needs Survey, the results of the completed questionnaires have finally been analysed by Community Action Suffolk and a summary of their findings is shown below. The next step for the parish council is to consider whether a project to provide affordable homes in the village is something they wish to take forward and support. Discussion will be on the next council meeting agenda and any decisions made will be reported soon.

 “Executive Summary

The Community Action Suffolk Services toolkit was used to produce the survey data.

From the HNS, 46.60% of respondents were in favour of an affordable housing scheme, showing overall support, with 27.08% of the returns indicating that they would not support affordable housing in the parish.

The Buxhall  HNS of 2014 received 47 household responses from a total of 170 of survey forms issued a 27.64% return rate, with the majority of respondents in favour of a small affordable housing scheme for people with a local connection.

Profile of survey respondents                                    

  • 47 Household Responses
  • 116 Individuals
  • Greatest number of responses received from those aged between 45-74 years of age
  • 116 Multiple Choice responses received


Out of 47 HNS returned, 7 household responded that they have a current housing need, totalling 8 people.

Out of 47 HNS returned, 4 households responded identifying a need to return to Parish, totalling 7 people.

This shows a total of 11 households, 15 people in need of affordable housing in Buxhall. 

The Gateway to Home Choice (GTHC) register indicates there are 6 households claiming a local connection to Buxhall;”