April 2014

Planning – There were no applications for the Parish Council to consider in their capacity as statutory consultees on planning applications within the parish, and no decisions made by MSDC to note.

Finance - It’s that time of year again when the final accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014 are completed ready for approval by council. The Annual Return is finalised and signed and the various governance statements approved and signed off. The Annual Return is the principal means by which the council is accountable to its electorate and signed statements confirm responsibility for governance arrangements during the year which cover; properly prepared accounts, systems of internal control such as policies, standing orders and financial regulations as well as ensuring that reasonable steps to comply with the law were taken and assessment of all possible risks to public money was carried out.

The next step is to get all the files and papers ready for the internal auditor, who is an independent and competent person appointed by the council to carry out checks on its operating procedures, focusing on areas of risk, and then reporting back to the council. They have to sign a report on the Annual Return and confirm that the council’s systems of control are in place and operating and that we are safeguarding your public money, which gives confidence that the council is properly run.

The law also requires another audit to be carried out so that local taxpayers can be assured that the risks to public money have been managed. The Audit Commission appoints external auditors for all parishes to review their council’s annual return. Once all these assurances have taken place we are happy to publicise our accounts and in the meantime if you want to know anything about how the council operates just ask.

Website – Please visit our village website at www.buxhall.onesuffolk.net it is a work in progress and needs some input from other organisations and groups in the village, please use it to promote your group. Write some information and send it to me and I will put it on.

Playingfield – We are in the process of reviewing the play facilities on the playingfield and would welcome your input into what you would like to see there, what sort of play items do your children want, how often do you use the area etc, if we decide to improve it we will need to know how best to do this and the best people to tell us are Buxhall residents.

Our next meeting is the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 19th May and will follow the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm

Everyone is welcome to stay and join us.

Paula Gladwell, Tel: 01449 737942 Email: buxhallpc@live.co.uk

By Paula Gladwell on May 16th, 2014